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The Australian Maritime Agency Ltd

founded in 1985 as a maritime agency, is a dynamic company created for the complete management of goods, able to ensure the highest quality; at any time of the operational phases in modern and functional infrastructures.

L & rsquo; Austral mainly & nbsp; represents in the port of Livorno l a Tunisian State Company (COTUNAV), offers its customers the possibility to embark and disembark twice a week units; loading such as containers, rolling stock of all types, various goods, making direct stop over Tunis in 24 hours.

Our strengths:

* Regularity of the service and therefore guarantee of performance.

* Celerity of the service

* We load the goods up to the day before boarding + 24 hours of transit time: in two days the goods go from the factory to the port of landing.

Acceptance of more types of units of loading such as rolling stock, containers, dangerous goods, refrigerator, goods varies on mafi including exceptional items.

The important volume of traffic carried out in import and export in the ports served confirms the competitiveness; and the quality of the services performed.

Departures from Livorno for Rades every Wednesday and Saturday

Departures from Rades to Livorno every Monday and Thursday night


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To ensure better and more complete services to its customers has laid the foundations for a subsequent business evolution that has led AUSTRAL to expand its range of action to cover today, directly with internal professionals, all services related to the cycle of land / sea goods, having at its disposal empty container parks at inland terminals in the inland areas being able to guarantee in addition to the service , the competitive rates of intermodal transport

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Several sectors covered today by Austral directly as:

Agents in scheduled service, both freight and passengers (CRUISES)

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